Gertrude Keazor

Founder of Yobaba Lounge and Serial Entrepreneur


GertrudeInspiration comes from the outside, not so creativity. I have found it fascinating to watch and investigate its nature: creativity undoubtedly arises from within. There seem to be at least two kinds: an expansive one, which is kind of there all the time. And then there is the one which responds to limitation, to problems of any kind. Once it gets going, this kind flows with speed and focus, it has a sense of urgency. The ideas come fast, one after the other. Word after word, stroke after stroke, ingredient after ingredient (yes, also when making food).

So personally, I find that I need to get in touch first with that vast rhythm of creativity inside me, it’s like an ocean lapping at my shores, sculpting my inner universe, even when I’m not thinking about it. Despite its inherent dynamic, coming into stillness lets me feel it. We all have it. We are all aware of it, though some of us less than others. Then, to get the flow, I need a problem, or a limitation. Say, a question from someone, or a space, such as a room to be made lovely, with its limited dimensions.. And then, and this I seem to find hardest, I need to take the first action: the first word on an overwhelmingly blank page, the first stroke on an expansive piece of paper!

I find that deadlines help, or hungry guests that need to be surprised with beautiful food at 1pm – it brings focus to that vast ocean and lets the creative juices flow into the problem, the limitation. And voila, a gorgeous new space, a beautiful new dish or some words that say something, to me at least.

There is this common perception that creativity is limited to painting a picture, making a sculpture or writing a novel. But being creative applies to every thing in our lives. Every time we make food, using just what’s in our cupboards, every time we lay the table or just when we speak, creativity happens. It is good to become aware of this, because it brings satisfaction to even the smallest action. Our entire life is a work of art. That’s the beauty of it.

It has occurred to me that inspiration is our subconscious. It hides, of course, in plain sight, outside of ourselves. Through the creative process, we bring this inside, we integrate it and through awareness this now shapes what we create. We are constantly creating our selves and our lives. Creation really is embodiment of our awareness and understanding. I guess this is why it is such a valuable tool in therapies.

I teach Embodied Meditation. It is the process of getting in touch with the stillness so that we may embody everything that we are. In other words, it is a practice in creativity.

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