Fernanda Liberti

Visual Artist


Fernanda LibertiFor me, everything around me can be a form of inspiration. My upbringing, my family, my partner, nature, my travels, an article in the paper etc.. I think of the creative brain as a sponge, something that can absorb many different things that you might overlook at first but sometimes come back to you years later.

I feel like my ideas develop in very abstract ways, sometimes it does come as a click, a wild thought that just pops into my mind, or sometimes it’s about how I am feeling or a place that I have been to. I think my biggest struggle is the same as everyone else’s, that is to start. The most important thing is to just try ideas out because that’s the way they will develop and you can grow in your practice. Sometimes it just helps to get detached from the work: go for a walk, a trip, go on a train, have a swim or watch the landscape.

A lot of people are very structured within their practice, making sketches and planning shoots. For me, it doesn’t work like that. I feel the images and concepts forming in my head and it’s just when the work is done that I figure out what it is about. My process is very abstract and intuitive and it took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that it’s ok to work that way and that everyone creates in different ways.

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