Eyesha Mingo

Writer, Musician, and Music Producer


EyeshaA lot of things inspire me to create nowadays, not just art, but life, experiences, insightful discussions, etc.. I usually get some kind of jolt/urgency to get the idea out. Once I start, I either go full throttle for hours or it can wane quickly or last a few minutes. Sometimes, the jolt comes but it’s light, and I let the idea simmer for a bit, until I get uncomfortable keeping it in any longer.

I’m never 100% happy with my work, but I don’t think that I should be. I know when I’m done creating and editing it. If the essence is exposed, then it’s complete to me. However, when I made music, other people’s work would inspire me – unusual production, honest and unapologetic lyrics, and vocal flair. If I grew excited by listening to it, I would have to make something. I wouldn’t copy them, but I was encouraged to be brave and express myself in the same way.

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