The Poetics of Play

The [writer] has two courses open to him: either to seek what security and comfort there is for him in past configurations of learning, or to follow his great constructive genius into his own world. — William Carlos Williams, Recognizable Image, 1978   When I enrolled onto the Writing Poetry

Artist Showcase: Barnie Emma

Browsing through Barnie Emma’s online portfolio, I find myself thrown into a vibrant world of silliness and surrealism, with enough satire to fix a wry smile on even the sternest of faces. Featuring uncanny, politically-aware illustrations, stop-motion animations, and films focused on issues ranging from Trump’s rise to presidency to the

Experimental Literature Today

In May 2015, over forty years after its original publication, Philippe Sollers’s ground-breaking novel, H, was published in English for the very first time by Equus Press. As part of Birkbeck’s Arts Week that year, Dr David Vichnar and Professor Louis Armand—editors of Prague-based literary magazine VLAK,—visited the college to

The Creative Process

Type the words ‘creativity’ and ‘advice’ into a search engine and it will come back to you with hundreds of articles, books, videos, and podcasts all offering practical tips on the best way to tap into your imaginative powers. These tips range from developing a morning ritual for your craft

Paper + Wind


A Few Words on Writing with the Poetry Book Society

In July I was invited to share some writing and editing advice as part of the Poetry Book Society’s #Poetips video series. Intended to inspire and encourage those entering this year’s PBS/Mslexia Women’s Poetry Prizes (deadline 5pm, 16 September), #Poetips has featured poems and writing tips from a number of

The Art of Clowning

Mick Barnfather is a theatre director, actor and teacher with over 35 years of professional industry experience. He currently leads the first year theatre studies module at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, and also offers a variety of independent performance-based workshops in subjects ranging from Bouffon and Comedic

Stamp Duty

During a recent walk home from work I found myself feeling unexpectedly pleased and excited after stumbling upon a packet of unused stamps. Strangely, it was the same level of excitement that I’ve felt after finding significant amounts of money. Stamps are by no means expensive, of course, but what

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