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Why Protests Matter More Than You Think

The problem with protests is they don’t achieve anything; until very recently this was my opinion. I’d watched enough news reports and read enough newspapers to know that demonstrations rarely make their way into them. And I also understood from my knowledge of global history that regardless of size, protests rarely lead to anything more than…

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The Art of Clowning

Mick Barnfather is a theatre director, actor and teacher with over 35 years of professional industry experience. He currently leads the first year theatre studies module at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London, and also offers a variety of independent performance-based workshops in subjects ranging from Bouffon and Comedic Play to Ensemble and Characterisation.…

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‘All Children, Except (Some), Grow Up’

One of the most challenging, and essential, parts of growing up is learning how to take responsibility. Unlike childhood, during which we’re at the mercy of other people’s opinions, choices and behaviours, adulthood necessitates that we think, decide and act for ourselves. This vital distinction between adults and children is made clear within our legal…

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