Madelaine Culver is a writer and poet with a background in arts administration. Based in the North East of England, she’s enjoying the region’s vibrant literary scene while working for the sales and marketing team at Tyneside Cinema. Her work appears in, or is forthcoming from, Seen as Read: an anthology of visual, asemic and photo poetry, Permeable Barrier, ALIENIST, 3:AM magazine, The Babel Tower Notice Board, IS&T, and New Boots and Pantisocracies.

Several years after completing her undergraduate studies Madelaine joined the Writing Poetry MA at Newcastle University, from which she graduated with distinction in 2020. With personal experience of the UK’s foster care system, she’s in the early stages of devising a collaborative arts project (kindly supported by Poem Brut) that will support looked after children and careleavers to explore the visual and material possibilities of poetry. Watch this space for updates! 

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